Our Soil ph kit

Zayho designed this kit so that you can determine the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of the soil in your garden

You can't understand why your rhododendron or even your azalea are not blooming despite all the love and care you have lavished on them and this lovely clayey soil! Which may just be the problem, as these plants need a very acid soil (ph 4 to 5) to be able to grow.

Are you sure that the pH of your soil is ideal for your different plant species?

All garden soils are different as are the needs of each plant. The plants that you plant will without a doubt grow better if the pH of the soil matches their needs.

While the large majority of plants prefers a neutral pH (pH 7), acidophilus or calcifuge plants will bloom more in an acid soil (pH in the region of 4 - 5) and calcicole plants in a more alkaline soil (pH in the region of 8).