All our drug tests

FIND OUT TO BETTER PROTECT THEM, FIND OUT TO PUT YOUR MIND AT EASE . These are the two main aims of these drug screening tests.

Like all parents you are worried about your children and in particular your teenagers who are exposed to drugs and tobacco at an increasingly younger age. These drug screening tests may be a way of opening up a conversation with your child and be used as a preventive measure. If your suspicions are more deep-seated, they will help you to be more certain of the link your child has with drugs and to act before it is too late. We therefore advise you to present this test as your way of helping and caring for your child rather than as a monitoring device which they could see as being too extreme. Furthermore, before doing the test, think about what you might say to your child if the test proves to be positive.

In your job or future job, you are obliged to carry out drug screening tests and you are unsure about the result? Our tests will help you to be sure and put your mind at ease.

These tests meet EC standards. These tests are only indicative. In the event of positive results, we advise you to continue screening at a laboratory using vapour phase chromatography.