Becoming a reseller

Do you share our passion for the environment?

Do you think that our analysis kits could enrich or complete a product range?

Whether you have a walk in or an online shop (or both), our products will naturally find their place in your range of water treatment products, whether in a DIY department, a health food or environmental products shop, with electrical appliances or in a garden centre ... pleasing your customers.

Our products are environmentally friendly and aware, hence contributing to your brand's eco-friendly credentials. Their dependability and reliability, which in no way impact their appearance, will reinforce your own appearance of professionalism.

If you provide a service (home diagnostics, plumbing ...), you may seek to expand the services that you offer with our kits or you can offer them for sale with advice to your clients.

Our kits are very easy to carry around, easy to use and offer immediate results so that they are always appreciated.

Our products are already available in French, English and German. For large orders, translation into another language can be considered.

Whatever your ambitions, your needs, your location, don't hesitate to contact (lien sur formulaire ) us so that we can discuss your project and complete it together.