Our lead detection kits

We spend 80% to 90% of our time indoors in places such as our home or our workplace. The air in these environments is very often more polluted than the outside air and can prove dangerous for our health. This interior pollution may, among other things, lead to bouts of sickness, headaches, skin irritations or even trigger allergies.

So that you can know more about your current home or your future residence or indeed your workplace and react accordingly, Zayho offers you a lead analysis kit. Lead is very poisonous and there is no threshold at which it is not dangerous for humans.

The use of lead-based paints was widespread up until 1948, the date they were prohibited; they are therefore still common in all old buildings. Some oil paints or pure oils (linseed) do not contain lead, but an additive (lead salt) may have been added to speed up drying, without the manufacturer specifying this on the label.

What are you breathing in? Protect yourself!

These test papers enable quick and easy lead detection on all types of surfaces like your desks, your ceramic tiles, the paint on your walls, your shutters, your children's toys...


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This kit contains the equipment required for eight analyses to detect the presence of lead on all types of surfaces. The kit includes: 8 test strips, 1 pipette, 2 hermetic test tubes containing distilled water.

Lead is naturally present in small quantities in the Earth's crust. The element is highly toxic for mankind at any dose.

Lead has been used in many consumer products in the past, so potential exposure is a general risk for all. Lead paints were once widely used and are still frequently found in old houses. Some modern paints can contain lead salts to speed up drying, without the manufacturer clearly specifying this aspect.

You can use this kit to check that your own surroundings, furniture and any other item are free of lead.

  • Negatif/positif
  • Detects lead up to 0,05 μg.

Keep out of the reach of children, out of direct sunlight, in a dry location and at a temperature below 85°F. Single-  use strips.