Our Mono-parameter water analysis kits (pH, hardness, coliforms)

Discover our monoparameter kits for occasional analyses (Coliform detection kit) or frequent analyses (pH kits, Hardness, Detection + coliform ).

The ph kits are appreciated by tropical fish enthusiasts, swimming pool owners and professionals thanks to their capacity for analysing aqueous solutions even if dyed.

The hardness kit (measuring fur - or even the calcium and magnesium contained in your water) is a must for anyone wanting to control as much as possible their household appliance consumption and reduce their ecological footprint. Ideal for making the best choice in household appliances (need for a water-softening system or not) and for making a shrewd decision on how to use water-softening products when your water is particularly hard. Also important for knowing the daily intakes of calcium and magnesium provided by your water.

The microbiological kits (coliform bacteria) is also ideal for diagnosing  the quality of the water from your well, bore hole, water collector or springs near to you home wich could be contaminated.

The analyses for each parameter are very simple to carry out and the results are revealed in less than a minute (except for the total coliforms detection test which requires a minimum 24-hour incubation period)

Hardness kit WATER Diagnosis

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This kit can be used to analyse the main components and pollutants determining the quality of your This kit provides an easy means of analysing the hardness (TH) of your water in just one minute for 12 months (we recommend one analysis per month).

The kit includes: 2 hermetic test tubes containing 6 tabs each (a total of 12 tabs) and a test tube for taking water samples.

The hardness of the water (Total Hardness) reflects the degree of mineralisation of your water.

This particularly depends on the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in the water. This concentration varies naturally throughout the year.

Thanks to this kit designed to last 12 months, you can take action based on the measurements taken at your taps and select a suitable filtration system if necessary.

High or low hardness levels have both benefits and drawbacks. Moderately hard water is ideal for your health and daily intake, with significant mineral content, even if this content can modify the taste of some drinks (tea, coffee, etc.) and aggravate some health problems (dry skin). In addition, overly soft water is corrosive (particularly with a low pH) and dissolves the metal contained in your pipes. Ingesting these metal particles is bad for your health.

For domestic use, hard water can cause scale to build up on your pipes and appliances. This phenomenon worsens proportionally to the  temperature of the water and can considerably increase your energy consumption, not to mention reduce the life cycle of your appliances. Scale also reduces the effectiveness of household products and soap, increasing the amounts used and the inherent pollution. On the other hand, soft water means you can use less product.

Softened water has high sodium content: those with health disorders sensitive to sodium (high blood pressure, heart problems, etc.) should avoid drinking softened water. Be careful if you decide to install a softener and test your water before and after installation.

Water quality will vary, do not hesitate to test regularly.

  • Hardness (TH) : 0 - 9 -  18 -  27 - 36 -  45 °F
  • or 0 - 90 -  180 -  270 - 360 -  450 mg/L CaCO

Keep out of the reach of children, out of direct sunlight, in a dry location and at a temperature below 85° F. Single use strips.

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