Our Multi-parameter water analysis kits

These tests help you to analyse multiple determining parameters  (such copper, iron, pH, hardness, coliform bacteria, chlorine, nitrates, nitrites... ) in order to know the quality of the water coming out of your taps, and/or your own well.

Knowing the quality of your water is also essential if you wish to opt for a filtration system or purchase a household appliance (e.g.: need for a water-softening system) in order to choose the system most adapted to your requirements.

The analyses for each parameter are very simple to carry out and the results are revealed in less than a minute (except for the total coliforms detection test which requires a minimum 24-hour incubation period)

Ultra Water Diagnosis Kit

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This very complete kit can be used to determine the quality of your water based on 8 parameters, by analysing the main components and contaminants contained in the water and microbiological content (bacteria).

The kit includes: 1 pH tab, 1 chlorine tab, 1 nitrates-nitrites tab, 1 hardness tab (Total Hardness), 1 copper tab, 1 iron tab (and its reagent) and 1 test for the detection of total coliform bacteria (ready-to-use test tube containing a powder reagent).

Water makes up 60% of an adult human body and 70% of a child's body. Drinking quality water is important to protect your own health and the health of your loved ones.

This kit provides a turnkey solution for easy analysis with near-immediate results indicating the quality of your water as it leaves the tap (except for the total coliforms detection test which requires a 48-hour incubation period). Pipe corrosion in the home can carry undesirable elements. In addition, if the results do not meet your expectations, you can use this test to select the right filter system for you based on your water content.

The microbiological test (total coliform bacteria) contained in this kit is a priority indicator when it comes to assessing the quality of water. Total coliform bacteria mainly include Escherichia, Klebsiella, Enterobacter, Citrobacter and Serratia genera. The illnesses caused by the presence of these micro-organisms in water are generally characterised by gastro-intestinal disorders, which can have very serious-to-deadly consequences for the most vulnerable groups (babies, infants, pregnant women, the elderly) and all water intended for consumption must be free of coliform bacteria.

This test offers more than sanitary information, analysing your water helps to assess your future energy consumption (consumption increases with scale build-up) and forecast the life cycle of your electrical household devices or select the right appliances based on your water content. This test can also be used by well owners to analyse the main components and pollutants in the well water and determine possible use (sanitary use, watering).

Water quality varies over time. Do not hesitate to repeat this test regularly.

This kit is also ideal for diagnosing the quality of the water from your well, bore hole, water collector or springs near to your home.

  • Ph : 4.5 - 5 - 5.5 -  6  -  6.5 - 7 – 7.5 -  8 - 8.5  - 9  - 9.5 - 10
  • Chlorine : 0 - 0.1 - 0.5 -  1  -  3 - 10 mg/L
  • Nitrates : 0 - 10 - 25 -  50 -  100 - 250 -  500 mg/L
  • Nitrites : 0 - 1 -  5  - 10 -  20 - 40 -  80 mg/L
  • Hardness (TH) : 0 - 9 -  18 -  27 - 36 -  45 °F ou 0 - 90 -  180 -  270 - 360 -  450 mg/L CaCO
  • Iron : 0 - 0.15 - 0.3 -  0.6  -  1 -  2 – 5 mg/L
  • Copper : 0 - 0.2 - 0.5 -  1  -  3 mg/L

Keep out of the reach of children, out of direct sunlight, in a dry location and at a temperature below 85°F. Single-use test with strips and reagent.